Pathfinder: Rise of the Runlords.

Thistletop, nice night for a swim.
Unbeleivable fun for the DM.

There are 2 main rules in any RPG.

1. Don’t split the party
2. Don’t climb anything

After getting information on Thistletop, from Father Zantus, he tells them that the goblin fortress rests on-top of the head of a giant statue from long ago. It sits about 50’ from shore and is connected to the nearby cliff by a wooden bridge. both the cliff and the head are 80’ high.

He also said that the peninsula that juts out from the mainland is surrounded by an impenetrable hedge of thorns. A way threw has never been found.

The party decides to do an amphibious night climb on the giant stone head, what can go wrong?

Bob has advanced a level, as an alchemist, and mad e2 climb potions. After buying a climber’s kit, the mayor gave the party a small sailboat and a sailor to take them to the giant head later that night.

Bob drank one of his potions, swam from the boat to the rock and started to climb. He had some difficulty at first because of the slime on the stone but made it halfway before he had to drink his other one. And using the climbing kit to anchor the rope to several places, he finally made it to the top.

He his in the bushes at the top and waited for the rest of the party. Venn went next and fell before he reached the top but was able to catch himself. Next came Rasa and Heiro. Heiro almost fell but caught herself, then made it to the top. Rasa, for some reason, took up cliff diving and fell 10’ from the top taking 10 points of damage. Not too bad considering.

While at the top, some goblin guards found the rest of the party hiding in the bushes and attacked. Heiro and Venn scurried back down the ropes and went back to the boat while using Rasa as a flotation device.

Bob on the other hand decided to take on the goblins. He threw a bomb at a group of them, wounding 2. Before he was totally surrounded, he made a run for the rope and climbed down.

That’s where we leave our group, rowing back to Sandpoint.

The Minor Runewell

The party was having some trouble with the Quasit, Elyrium. She was using her blood to activate the triangle shaped runewell and it was creating SInspawn. Eventually, she didn’t want to fight the party either, so a parley was started.

She wanted the party to leave her alone and give her her book back and she would give the party information.

She told them that Nualia was taking control of the Thistletop goblins and that’s where she could be found.

When the party went back to town to see the mayor, father Zantus was also there. When you mentioned the runewell, he became concerned with it’s destruction.

The party had to break it’s word and went back into Elyrium’s tunnels and told her that they had to destroy the well. After another battle, the Quasit decided to run away.

Father Zantus told the party that the well had to be depleted to be destroyed. After a few drops of blood were dripped into the pol and a couple of sinspawn were created and the glow of the well finally winked out.

The floaty room and beyond.

After looting the three armed goblin, the party finds some coins and a piece of Lapis Lazuli. His weapons were a silver dagger and a really nice handaxe. Going down the unexplored corridor, there were two doors, one on the left and one straight ahead. The left door led to a partially collapsed stairway the other one led to a 15’ round room. The round room had some kind of levitation spell as there were several objects floating around in it. It also had walls made out of red metal plates and electrical energy shot around them spelling out something in Thassilonian.

Rasa had an idea. He tied a rope to his shield, let the spell float it up and pulled it back to fish an object into the hallway. It was taking too long, so the party decided to tie a rope to Bob and have him go into the room and grab everything.

There was a book written in Abyssal about the worship of Lamashtu. There was a half empty bottle of wine which was quickly dumped out. A scroll that wasn’t identified by Rasa, but he did identify Tsuto’s ring as a ring of protection and a wand of shocking grasp with 28 charges.

The party went back to the stairway. It went down to a landing but it was blocked from going down any farther because of a pile of rubble.

The landing went to another door, that led to a room with a pool of water. Heiro looked up in time to see a head with bat wings come flying down from the ceiling. It attacked and the party eventually hit it.

The party found that it was a blessed pool that healed their wounds. They took some samples for later.

Eventually, they found the statue of the fierce looking woman. Rasa remembered something about her having to do with magic. Reyvenn, searched the floor arund the statue to see if it may be movable and he found a slight drag mark. Heiro was interested in her metal and ivory ranseur. She figured a way to get it out and it opened to a secret set of stairs going down.

The next room was a shrine with a stinky basin of water on a block of black marble. It was quickly bypassed and the party ended up at a set of double doors.

As the party opened them, there was an immense room with a huge pool of water and a raised area with another pool on top. Reyvenn saw a foot tall humanoid with horns and bat wings standing on the top pool. It cut itself, dripped blood into the pool and then disappeared. While the party watched, a creature, like the one that the party fought at the entrance, climbed out of the pool.

The party took down the creature but were having a tough time with the invisible fiend.

Inside the creepy tunnel.
August 25th game.

The spider room was some sort of storage room. Everything was so old that even the crates turned into dust when touched. There was a door that was found but it couldn’t be opened. Bob decided to burn the door, but someone had bricked up the doorway.

The tunnel eventually ended and it appeared to have broken into another room. it seemed to go into what looked like a jail cell. Bob detected undead in some of the adjoining cells.

After unlocking the cell door, Bob set off a tripwire that opened the other cells and four skeletons attacked the party.
Some well placed attacks and a channel or two and the enemy were dead once more.

A door to the south and a hallway to the east were the only exits, both higher than the ground where the party came in. Some type of platform was built to reach them. although very old, it was discovered that some type of magic was used to preserve them.

Bob tried to pick the door’s lock but accidentally jammed it. The party decided to go down the hallway to the east.

You came to a room with a table and various torture instruments. There were three doors to the south and one continuing east.

The southern doors opened to three 5’ rooms. One with a three armed humanoid skeleton and one with a humanoid skeleton with an enormous head. The third door opened to an apparently empty room.

The door to the east led to some stairs going down to a room with eleven wooden lids covering what appear to be pits. Soft moaning can be heard coming from the pits. Standing against the far east wall is a three armed goblin. He has a hand axe in one hand, a dagger in his second hand and his third hand is on a lever.

Venn ran in and screamed something in Abyssal, which the goblin didn’t seem to understand. Bob ran in and said “We need to find a dress for the queen.” This seemed to confuse the goblin for a second.

Rasa was behaving strangely, almost as if “someone else” was controlling him. He decided to shoot the goblin with his longbow.

Hiero and Venn ran up but didn’t attack. the goblin pulled the lever and 2 zombies were raised from two of the pits.

The party was fighting the zombies when the goblin ran up and shot some kind of acid from it’s mouth at Hiero. It hurt, but that didn’t stop Hiero from fighting back.

Eventually the party won out and that’s where we leave our story.

Let's go back to the glassworks?
You think Aeiko would have given us more money?

After depositing Tsuto in the jail, the party went to Mayor Deverin’s office and showed her the journal.

While she was looking it over, an Elvish woman, named Hiero, whose uncle ran a farm near Sandpoint, wanted to help.

The Mayor asked if anyone knew who Malfeshnekor was. No one knew so you went back to the jail to ask Tsuto.

He wasn’t very talkative but he did tell you that his girlfriend is Nualia, a girl who Father Zantus said should have died when the old cathedral burned down 5 years ago,.

Ezakien Tobyn, the former religious leader of Sandpoint and her adoptive father, did die in the fire and it was assumed, when they couldn’t find her body, that she too perished. Father Zantus remembered her as an attractive girl of about 15. She was shunned by the other woman because of her looks but she did have many male suitors.

The Mayor asked whether anyone knew anything about the tunnels, that the journal mentioned? Tsuto didn’t mention anything about that but there were tunnels under the glassworks, with one that was walled off.

The group went shopping and went back to the glassworks. At the bricked up section, Hiero was able to discover a brick that was different from the rest. once it was pressed, an entire section of the wall swung into a hidden passageway.

A strange creature attacked the party from the cave just inside the door. None of you had ever seen a hideous thing. When Rasa saw it, he had a vision of the symbol for Lamashtu, the mother of monsters.

On that cheery note, the party continued to the next section that looked as though someone dug from the tunnel into a room. The room was filled with spiderwebs, and a giant spider almost dropped on Venn’s head. The spider was vanquished and that’s were we end our story.

Let's get out of the Glasswork's!
I don't even like Ameiko.

Short recap. Eight goblins and Tsuto confront the party as two town guards try to break in. The guards eventually die but the party makes Tsuto run for his life. The group goes into the furnace area and find Lonjiku dipped in glass. Several of the workers also have parts of their bodies coated in glass.

As you then chase after Tsuto, you run into a trap. Tsuto tries to sneak attack Bob but fails. An attempt to surround him meets with Reyvenn finding a pit trap and another goblin. Tsuto escapes through a door and he is chased to a cave in the cliffs below Sandpint. You are again attacked but are able to knock Tsuto senseless. After tying him up, you find, what appears to be his journal, containing battle plans for the goblin raid and pictures of an attractive nude woman, who might be his girlfriend? Or maybe someone he’s stalking. That’s creepy either way.

Let's all go to the Glasswork's!
Do we really care that much about Ameiko?

After the fight between Ameiko and her father, you eventually turn in. In the morning, you are greeted by a very frazzled Bethana. She tells you that she usually finds Ameiko in the kitchen when she gets up. When she wasn’t in the kitchen, she went to her room and knocked. There was no answer, so she let herself in. She searched the room, the bed was still made and there was no evidence that she had ever been there. After some diligence, she found a note that she hands you. It’s from her brother Tsuto. letter.png Bethana tells you that Tsuto has had a strained relationship with his father since his mother died. He was eventually disowned, causing a rift between Ameiko and her father.
You quickly collect your gear and head to the Glassworks. As you walk up the street, you notice that all three chimneys are all billowing smoke. When you get closer, you discern that all of the windows that you see have the shades drawn.
Townsfolk are walking by staring oddly at the building. One such man, dragging a cart, sees that you’re staring intently. He says that he was supposed to deliver colored sand today but no one answered at the delivery door. He says that you might have trouble getting in.
Bob buys some green sand and bids the merchant farewell.
After walking the whole perimeter, checking every door, you discover that every window has its shade drawn.
When you reach the big glass windows at the back of the Glassworks, you are able to hear glass being smashed inside.
You are unable to get in through a window so Bob tries his luck at picking the lock on the rear door.
Not going to go int great detail about the exploration. You fight a gblin dog, a few goblins and you find a semiconscious glass worker. You heal him and send him to get help.
As you work your way to the service entrance, You fight some more goblins, one takes off and runs through a door. That’s where we left off.

The graveyard and the hunt!

When you finally get to the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko is waiting for you. She introduces her assistant Bethana to you and they go about serving you a very hearty and delicious dinner. You quickly go off to sleep afterward.

In the morning, you awaken to a loud commotion in the main hall. Once you get dressed and cleaned up, you step out into quite a meeting. Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock, Father Zantus and Ameiko are having a discussion with the newly arrived Shalelu Andosana. She is dirty and a bit beat up but still looks as badass as ever.

As you eat your breakfast, Shalelu tells her story about how she’s been scouting out the five goblin tribes in this area. The Mosswood goblins, the Birdcrunchers, who live in caves in the Devil’s Platter, the Licktoad ‘s of the Brinestump Marsh, the Seven Tooth goblin’s of Shanks Wood and lastly, the Thistletop goblin’s. She also gives you some info on several notable goblins.

Big Gugmut is an unusually muscular and tall goblin from the Mosswood.
Koruvus was a champion of the Seven Tooth tribe who has a magic longsword.
Vorka is a notorious goblin cannibal who lives in the Brinestump marsh.
Ripnugget is the current leader of the Thistletop goblins.
Bruthazmus, an infamous bugbear ranger who lives in northern Nettlewood.


She gives you a map detailing the areas around Sandpoint. After her speech, Sheriff Hemlock thanks her for her report and announces that he is leaving with half of the town guard and marching south to Magnimar. He’ll make sure that the road is clear and he is going to ask for soldiers to help protect the town.

He asks you to stick around and help protect the town while he is gone. He mentions a possible reward of 25gp each upon his return.
After the Sheriff leaves, with the Mayor, Shalelu excuses herself and says she would like to clean up and get some sleep before returning to scouting.

Aldern Foxglove, the nobleman that you rescued with his horse yesterday, approaches you and thanks you for rescuing him. He asks you all to go on a boar hunt with him after lunch. He is willing to give each of you 25gp to go with him. It seems like he is trying to be seen with the now famous hero’s. You all agree to see him at lunch.

Lastly, Father Zantus speaks to you before he also leaves. He says that there were only a few deaths yesterday and about a dozen or so injured. He thanks you again for your assistance with the goblin’s and asks for another favor. The graveyard caretaker, Naffer, who lives at the cathedral, has gone missing. "I forgot to mention it to the Sheriff before he left, could you see if there is anything that you could find out?

You go to the graveyard, down the hill from the church. Bob goes off to search the sheds while Rasa looks for any signs of Naffer. Bob finds an apparently unconscious goblin lying on some fertilizer. Reyvenn quickly stabs the creature, killing it instantly. As you near the tomb, a shovel is spotted on the stairs. When you enter, you are confronted by the skeletons of two humans and a wolf.

After dispatching them, you find Naffer covered under a black robe. He is quickly brought around and says “I was working when the attack started and someone hit me on the head.”
You do an arcana check on the robe and find it to be magical and most likely, a robe of bones.

You bring Naffer back to Father Zantus and tell him that the main sarcophagus was broken into and the bones stolen. Father Zantus has no idea why the goblins would need the bones.

You are ready to eat lunch and head back to the Inn. After lunch, you join Aldern on his hunt. He rides his horse as you walk behind him the two miles to the Tickwood forest. He then tells you that he knows of a game trail and has you stand near it while he rides around the trees to chase the boar to you. He does just that and soon a large boar comes out and attacks you. Eventually, you kill the beast and after falling off of his horse, Aldern stumbles out and you take the pig to the Inn for dinner.

Before you turn in, there are several bangs on at the front door and someone is having trouble opening them. Eventually, an elderly man, wearing really expensive clothes and smelling like a distillery, starts yelling Ameiko’s name. This is Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko’s father and one of the founding members of the town. He is also the owner of the famous Sandpoint glassworks. Getting no response from his daughter, he stumbles over to your table and says “You must be those new troublemakers that I’ve been hearing about.”

Ameiko comes out of the kitchen holding a metal ladle and asks what is going on. He tells her that they have to leave Sandpoint and go back to Magnimar tonight. She says that she isn’t going anywhere and that he should leave. He grabs her and starts to drag her out by her hair. Rasa tries to intervene as Bob goes and locks the door. Rasa’s distraction was all Ameiko needed to break free of Lonjiku and smacks him in the side of the head with the ladle.

He stumbles backward, crashing into a table. “You’re as dead to me as your mother!”, he yells and walks out the door.

Ameiko tells the story about how her relationship with her father went bad a few years ago when Lonjiku disowned her half-brother Tsuto.

Welcome to Sandpoint!
Welcome to the annual Swallowtail festival!

You arrived in Sandpoint the morning of the festival. People were everywhere, setting up carts and stalls with trade goods. Tables were arranged for the lunch that would be provided by the local restaurant's, Inns and Taverns. Others set up booths for games and prizes.

Mayor Kendra Deverin greeted people as she moved through the crowd. Father Zantus, a cleric of Desna, went around making sure everyone was feeling well and offering healing where needed. Sheriff Hemlock, basically moved around the crowds looking for trouble makers.

As the festivities started, the Mayor, Sheriff and Father Zantus took to the podium. Each gave a short speech before the festivities commenced. After playing some games, you were given a free lunch. The best food prize was given to Ameiko Kaijitsu, owner of the Rusty Dragon.

At a little past three, Father Zantus got back on stage and threw a thunderstone to get everyone’s attention. Before he could speak, however, small shrill voices could be heard singing all around town.

The Goblin song

Goblins chew and goblins bite.
Goblins cut and goblins fight.
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
Goblins eat and take by force!
Goblins race and goblins jump.
Goblins slash and goblins bump.
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!
Chase the baby, catch the pup.
Bonk the head to shut it up.
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We be goblins! You be food!

Suddenly there’s screaming and goblins running everywhere. Sheriff Hemlock got the Mayor to safety and Father Zantus disappeared. People scattered and most didn’t put up any resistance.

Rasa, Reyvenn and Bob, still recovering from lunch, met the first rush of the nasty beasts. It was hard to tell if the goblins were more interested in killing or burning the town down. The first three goblins were put down rather easily.

The next four, led by a Bard of some kind, was a bit tougher. It was nearly dinner by the time the battle was over. People started trickling back onto the streets. Fighting could still be heard, but the town guard was roused now and cleaning up the goblin stragglers.

The Mayor, Sheriff and Father Zantus came back to the square, the latter offering healing once again.

Mayor Deverin told you that you have been offered free lodging at the Rusty Dragon by Ameiko.

She gives you directions and you set off. On the way you hear a scream for help from around the next block. You see a man, fallen from his horse as his dog is attacked by a goblin on the back of some hideous, hairless dog-like creature.

Arrows fly as our three archers do anything but charge into battle. the Goblin dog was easy to take out but the commando was a bit tougher. After a quick chase around the block, he was shot to death in a dark alleyway.

Although you never introduced yourselves to each other, you decide to go to the Inn and get some dinner.


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