Pathfinder: Rise of the Runlords.

Inside the creepy tunnel.

August 25th game.

The spider room was some sort of storage room. Everything was so old that even the crates turned into dust when touched. There was a door that was found but it couldn’t be opened. Bob decided to burn the door, but someone had bricked up the doorway.

The tunnel eventually ended and it appeared to have broken into another room. it seemed to go into what looked like a jail cell. Bob detected undead in some of the adjoining cells.

After unlocking the cell door, Bob set off a tripwire that opened the other cells and four skeletons attacked the party.
Some well placed attacks and a channel or two and the enemy were dead once more.

A door to the south and a hallway to the east were the only exits, both higher than the ground where the party came in. Some type of platform was built to reach them. although very old, it was discovered that some type of magic was used to preserve them.

Bob tried to pick the door’s lock but accidentally jammed it. The party decided to go down the hallway to the east.

You came to a room with a table and various torture instruments. There were three doors to the south and one continuing east.

The southern doors opened to three 5’ rooms. One with a three armed humanoid skeleton and one with a humanoid skeleton with an enormous head. The third door opened to an apparently empty room.

The door to the east led to some stairs going down to a room with eleven wooden lids covering what appear to be pits. Soft moaning can be heard coming from the pits. Standing against the far east wall is a three armed goblin. He has a hand axe in one hand, a dagger in his second hand and his third hand is on a lever.

Venn ran in and screamed something in Abyssal, which the goblin didn’t seem to understand. Bob ran in and said “We need to find a dress for the queen.” This seemed to confuse the goblin for a second.

Rasa was behaving strangely, almost as if “someone else” was controlling him. He decided to shoot the goblin with his longbow.

Hiero and Venn ran up but didn’t attack. the goblin pulled the lever and 2 zombies were raised from two of the pits.

The party was fighting the zombies when the goblin ran up and shot some kind of acid from it’s mouth at Hiero. It hurt, but that didn’t stop Hiero from fighting back.

Eventually the party won out and that’s where we leave our story.



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