Pathfinder: Rise of the Runlords.

Let's all go to the Glasswork's!

Do we really care that much about Ameiko?

After the fight between Ameiko and her father, you eventually turn in. In the morning, you are greeted by a very frazzled Bethana. She tells you that she usually finds Ameiko in the kitchen when she gets up. When she wasn’t in the kitchen, she went to her room and knocked. There was no answer, so she let herself in. She searched the room, the bed was still made and there was no evidence that she had ever been there. After some diligence, she found a note that she hands you. It’s from her brother Tsuto. letter.png Bethana tells you that Tsuto has had a strained relationship with his father since his mother died. He was eventually disowned, causing a rift between Ameiko and her father.
You quickly collect your gear and head to the Glassworks. As you walk up the street, you notice that all three chimneys are all billowing smoke. When you get closer, you discern that all of the windows that you see have the shades drawn.
Townsfolk are walking by staring oddly at the building. One such man, dragging a cart, sees that you’re staring intently. He says that he was supposed to deliver colored sand today but no one answered at the delivery door. He says that you might have trouble getting in.
Bob buys some green sand and bids the merchant farewell.
After walking the whole perimeter, checking every door, you discover that every window has its shade drawn.
When you reach the big glass windows at the back of the Glassworks, you are able to hear glass being smashed inside.
You are unable to get in through a window so Bob tries his luck at picking the lock on the rear door.
Not going to go int great detail about the exploration. You fight a gblin dog, a few goblins and you find a semiconscious glass worker. You heal him and send him to get help.
As you work your way to the service entrance, You fight some more goblins, one takes off and runs through a door. That’s where we left off.



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