Pathfinder: Rise of the Runlords.

Let's get out of the Glasswork's!

I don't even like Ameiko.

Short recap. Eight goblins and Tsuto confront the party as two town guards try to break in. The guards eventually die but the party makes Tsuto run for his life. The group goes into the furnace area and find Lonjiku dipped in glass. Several of the workers also have parts of their bodies coated in glass.

As you then chase after Tsuto, you run into a trap. Tsuto tries to sneak attack Bob but fails. An attempt to surround him meets with Reyvenn finding a pit trap and another goblin. Tsuto escapes through a door and he is chased to a cave in the cliffs below Sandpint. You are again attacked but are able to knock Tsuto senseless. After tying him up, you find, what appears to be his journal, containing battle plans for the goblin raid and pictures of an attractive nude woman, who might be his girlfriend? Or maybe someone he’s stalking. That’s creepy either way.



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